We Won A Saddlepad!!

How amazing and relevant is this pad that I won from a like and share competition?!

THE best Facebook notification to receive after a bad round of jumping turned us from course demolishers to winner winner chicken dinners in a split second!

From Livingstone Equestrian on Facebook out of their ‘My Cob Is A Knob’ range. They have a fabulous range of fair priced great quality items! They even have a separate page called the ‘Ten Pound Tack Shop’ which is definitely worth a visit!

Pictures to follow or Sir Aladdin modelling his new ware..


5 thoughts on “We Won A Saddlepad!!

  1. This is so exciting!!! I never win anything so I’m always very excited for anyone who does. Can’t wait to see pics of it on the lovely cob himself 🙂


    1. I was ridiculously excited when we won it! I saw the notification just after we had finished a horrific round too!


  2. I love what the pad says! Always great to win something that you can use and have as a reminder of the moment of “Triumph”. Seriously…it is!


    1. I love it too, I rather fancy the matching bobble hat. Triumph indeed!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HaHa! Yes to the hat!


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