Happy New Year

Crikey, we have been so sidetracked I haven’t had time to share all the fun.. But not to worry, we are back!
Rather than going into the nitty gritty of every day, I will share a few of my favourite photos from last month and shall be starting fresh this week in full keyboard warrior style.

We’ve gained a new four legged friend and had a much needed pedicure..

Completed our first ever hack at the new yard and first ever hack through the woods! I can honestly say my heels have never ever been further down, however I did calm down half way round to get the necessary between the ears photo. Adele could not stop laughing when we got beached in a ditch as Tinkerbelle parked her bum at the top and stopped us mid hop up the bank.

A disastrous Winter League attempt that took until the next day for my panic chest to stop hurting!

Ryans first ever jump, wahoooo Cowboy!

My own personal cross pole chase me charlie (featuring Christmas themed swear words) ..
The arena gate swinging open mid jump causing this to happen… I did stay on and ended up even closer to the ground, unfortunately a concerned Ryan stopped recording.

Sir Aladdin not looking too impressed about getting his toes wet

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