Our First Jump Off

It had just been ‘one of them weeks’ and I was glad for it to be over. However when I got to the yard on Friday and realised Holton Le Moor Riding Club were holding a show I had the ‘sod it things cant get much worse’ attitude and decided to take part. My emergency show clothes were still in their hanging bag in my car so I had no reason not to.
Emily couldn’t make it to the yard tonight so I rang Ry and begged him to come along. The stables was super quiet with only Katy being there as Flo was getting clipped. She stood like a saint and put Patches to shame.
The clear round was supposed to start at half six however they hadn’t finished course building to seven so rather than wait around for classes I thought we would just sneak a clear round in after finishing mucking out etc. By the time I had actually tacked up and fannied about the clear round had started and we weren’t warmed up.
For once he let me one first time without walking off mid mount.
Half way through our gate nappy warm-up Ryan turned up so I decided to bite the bullet and just go in as the fences were only 45cm. We trotted in confident and calmly with the jumps just being at baby height however Aladdin caught me off guard by spooking at a spotty bum biting filler, losing his legs and trying to shoot off. We somehow got around clear with a few decent spooks and pole rolls in between. We could not go home and leave that as the result so I went and entered us for the next two classes once the clear round had finished.

We went round again in a nicer direct manner this time and cantered through the double perfectly after sorting our wrong legs out. Fence seven was a sharp right from six and I put him on a bad line meaning we got four faults. However I was super please with him being willing to carry his canter through to the next fences.

The next class soon came round luckily as teddies we getting chucked in the warm up arena- I found whilst leaving the warm up that all he wanted was a poo!
This round went much like the last one with a lot of counter canter but lots of willing forward behaviour. And we actually went clear!! This meant we were in our first jump off, and first in!! I hadn’t thought to learn the jump off as I wasn’t expecting to be doing it. We rode back in muttering 1,2,5,4,8,9 and off we went, five was the double and he jumped it perfectly, as we landed 5B I had a brain fart and pointed us at 6- I heard Katy shout ‘Go Right!’ Duhhh.. I had to turn poor Aladdin on a six pence and shoot for 4, unbelievably he handled my brain fart amazingly!! He even kept his canter on the sharp turn and stayed balanced to take us over the fence.
If we were at a ‘proper’ competition we would have been eliminated for outside interference but all of the people watching and riding knew how much I was flapping at not knowing the course.

What a good baby!!

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