Day 27- Patches Pony Party Day 1

Not too much to report from this weekend as Sir Aladdin is still a half clipped patches pony.
We were going to be doing Showing on Saturday and Jumping on Sunday however I feared the looks we would get for being half clipped would be worse than the ones I got dressed up as a tomato. So it was decided we would just have a ‘fun’ weekends work.

On Saturday I got up nice and early so we could have our morning ride as the sun was still low and glowing orange- beautiful!
It was rather crisp but a perfect morning for a ride, as we came down the long side of the small indoor arena Aladdins breath was visible and dancing across the sky, which made me feel like I was riding a dragon, (must snap out of la la land).
Overall he was super well behaved as we worked on some five metre loops from our dressage lesson the other week.

In the afternoon on Saturday my Sister-in-law and Nephew came down to meet my other man. Freddie was absolutely loving being around the horses and  whilst walking down the pathway to retrieve Aladdin all I could hear was Freddie shouting ‘horse’! Whilst I groomed Patches, Freddie stood in a riding hat over his beanie looking ridiculously cute and taking in every stroke of the brushes.
The showing show had just finished so patches pony was destined for his second ride of the day, this time in the big outdoor.
As the remaining trailers left Aladdin tip toed around, but after a couple of laps he deflated and was cool, calm & collected.
When we cantered past Freddie and Emma I could hear Freddie shouting ‘fast’ and he wasn’t wrong!!

Once walked off we gained two more jockeys and cob converts as both Emma and Freddie had a sit on the steed.

Please see below super cute Freddie photos…

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