Aladdins First Cli…

So its that time of the year where our four legged friends turn into Woolly Mammoths!

We have just spent a fortune getting Sir Aladdin all new rugs ready for his first ever clip as he is generally out naked or just in a rain sheet, so we wanted the cosiest snazzy rugs for his new do.  There are lots of ‘showing’ shows on throughout the winter so this would mean Aladdin having a full clip with just his leg warmers left on.
So I rushed home on Wednesday knowing it was C-Day and the bit of daylight that was left would be useful.
The lady who was going to be clipping him was still busy with her own horses so I had time to muck out and get his bedroom ready for his next party. Aladdin usually takes to ‘scary’ noises fairly well and has let me trim his beard and ears with small clippers before so I was feeling hopeful…

We tied him loosely with a net next to his storage stable and I stood by his head whilst the clippers were turned on- as soon as they touched him he absolutely exploded.
I untied him and clung on to prevent the stable wall and rug rack getting pulled away with him.
Round 2- Stood by his head untied whilst hand feeding him hay. We got a some of his neck done before he exploded once more and dragged me across the yard away from the killer clippers.
Round 3- Now we tried with his tea on the floor. He actually let us do his saddle area whilst he munched away and occasionally chucked his head up to bite back at the clippers.
With the food gone and his bum being the next target Aladdin decided cow kicking was the way forward and no extra food was going to stop this.
Without carrying on the explanation of different ways in which Aladdin kicked (I tried convincing myself he was aiming for the clippers and not people) , bit and exploded we basically decided to call it a day as to not stress him out on his first clip. It was agreed that I would pop to the vets to get a sedative and we would use the

smaller clippers the next day.

So I put my half clipped cow to bed in a some of his new pjs.

The next day when I could actually see him properly without a head torch I realised what a wally he looked! And to top it off the poor lady who clipped him and was going to finish him off has had an equine related accident and cannot clip until she’s better.

Notes to self:
-Wear flipping thick gloves
-Probably invest in steel toe caps
-Hard hat should be bought for person clipping
-And according to the lady in the vets I should put a load of vibrators in his stable to get him used to the buzzing…

Looks like Aladdins new name is going to have to be Patches for a while…

3 thoughts on “Aladdins First Cli…

      1. I thought I did but I cant seem to find them. We had half a neck and a big patch over her back but she would let us touch anywhere else 🙈 Haha you might get a few 😂 I hope you enjoyed your show nonetheless! 😊


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