Two Girth Sizes Down

Not really much of a post just more of a marker point to add to my blog for when I look back on progress.

We have been at Hill House Equestrian Centre for Three weeks now and have gone down two girth sizes! He has gone from being ridden three/ four times a week in just walk and trot as the fields were too unlevel and usually stodgy for canter, to being ridden five/six times a week with canter and polework. I really cannot wait to continue seeing his progress in both performance and shape. He is one handsome chap, (even if he is still a tad podgy!)
We got him weighed by the Dengie lady this summer and he came in at just over 23380202_10155864072806419_7600525007189514023_n550kg and we were advised he should be around 500kg so hopefully we are making leaps in the correct direction.

Notes to self:
~Calm & Condition has been cut out of his feed
~He is on ten acres of lush green grass

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