Day 19- The BIG E

All week I have been revving both of us up for the Hill House Winter League Showjumping, so tonight is the night.

We have had a week without poles or jumps as there has been various clinics on so no access to jumps etc so we have stuck so flat schooling. This hasn’t bothered me too much though as I am loving my new found confidence in Sir Aladdins canter. The fact he may buck now doesn’t scare me as much so progress in my cantering mental block is coming along nicely!

For some reason I have been extra tired today, my legs feel like lead and my eyelids have been a constant fight but the thought of jumping later was really exciting me as opposed to the usual of making me feel sick with nerves. We were going to do the 55cm and try not to be bothered about the fact we would be the only horse and rider against tiny jockeys and power ponies.

The Big Boss (My Dad) kindly let me off work early so I could go get myself and poo pony ready. I had to nip home as due to the fact I was rushing around like a blue arsed fly this morning I had left my show clothes on the sofa arm. When I got in I whispered the hair raising words ‘Hey Siri…. Timer twenty minutes’. That was it my lead lids were down and I had a life saving nanna nap.

As I got to the yard Aladdin was pleased to see me and gave me one of his heart warming whinnies. There were quite a few boxes and trailers rolling in but we weren’t too fussed today.
We got tacked up, and had our new girth on which is TWO sizes smaller- bootcamp really must be working.
In the warm up there were a fair few flying ponies and like usual Aladdins eyes were on stalks. Today rather than spooking at the ponies he decided every time one cantered past he wanted to race.
Outside the ring as we waited our turn I shouted over to Adelle who just smiled, then a moment later came over laughing as she hadn’t recognised me in my ‘smart gear’. Nobody recognised us in our Tomatoless attire and smart plaited mane.

The course was fairly nice and simple with the doubles being in relatively the same place as last weekend so we ‘went for it’. Aladdin didn’t seem quite as confident today and took some pushing, he wasn’t cantering corners or landing jumps with bouncy canters. I am not sure whether its because we’ve had a jumpless week or because he missed the air in his hair as my tomato outfit inflated and deflated over jumps.
We got half way round and came to a prompt stop at the second part of the second double, I could almost anticipate it as he was more bothered about looking through the glass wall into the cafe and impersonating a giraffe. We tried again with full leg on and a couple of scary growls but this time he stopped and spun away. Unfortunately we got eliminated so did a snakey wobbly jump over fence 9 on the way out.

Overall I am over the moon with Aladdin as its only our second attempt at a full course and we can only get better! He really is super and makes my cheeks hurt from grinning- cheesey I know.
After watching the rounds videos I was smiling even more, it appears he saw a few invisible poles on the jumps and absolutely flew them!!23130474_10155850755901419_1755114387744110162_n

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