No Stirrup November

Apologies for the late posts that are about to appear- it has been completely manic!

So, No Stirrup November- Its that time of the year again!!

Who else is going to be joining in?

I have decided that on the first week of NSN we shall just cool down in walk without my irons as I do not think my lower leg is capable of hanging onto Aladdin if he decides to rein-act any of his pinball freestyle moves.

Typically as soon as I take my feet out of the stirrups he stops dead as generally my feet coming out are the end of the session- but today we plodded on with my pins dangling next to his tubby gut. Wish the feet out and stop rule would work when I lose a stirrup in a faster pace or jumping, as generally he gets faster in these instances!!

Not too much to report from today’s ride other than the fact it is apparently impossible to ride near the poo he had only minutes before done and unintentional five metre loops were to come into place away from said poo.

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