Day 12- Clear Round

Aladdin had last night off and received a much welcomed pamper instead.

Holton Le Moor Riding Club were holding their Halloween show at the yard tonight and were starting it off with clear round. The jumps were only 40cm cross poles basically on the floor- however my main concern was that we had only ever done a total of six jumps in a row.
Another slight concern was that the temperature had dropped considerably and I was wearing a witches costume with no sleeves! And after not having a pony throughout my childhood I am now embracing every fun/ fancy dress show that is thrown at me so I was not backing down and covering myself up with a coat.

By the time I had fannied about mucking out etc the clear round had already begun so I had to get a shuffle on. Aladdin obviously realised I was slightly uneasy with the whole clear round idea and was a complete toad to get on, circling the mounting block like a shark!

In the warm up ring I felt like a complete numpty as the majority of riders were tiny witches on tiny lead rein ponies getting lead around in trot quietly. Until I entered (an oversized witch) on Aladdin who decided to start snorting and spooking. However I cannot blame him as one little jockey trotted past and accidentally hit Aladdin with her crop. We hadn’t even made it over one practise pole when the lady at the gate shouted us in as the clear round was finishing.
Not too much to report from the round other than the fact we went CLEAR and both thoroughly enjoyed it. It may be a small class but to us it was a huge step in the right direction. Aladdin felt super confident towards the poles and took them all in his stride.
Our first ever jumping rosette obviously gave my brave pants a bit of a boost as there and then I decided it was official that we would enter Sundays Halloween show…


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