Day 9- Snakey Stressage Lesson

Friesian mane in our lessonOur first lesson at the new yard- and our first ever dressage lesson!

I finished work early today and on Tuesdays I only work down the road so I went straight to Aladdin to get him sorted.
Before going to fetch him I thought it would be best to muck out etc first- he must be well settled in now as he had turned his bedroom into a nest! He had quite clearly been laying in the middle and banked the edges up all around him and left flat poo eggs in the middle which undoubtedly will be supporting some pretty stains on his white bits.
As I got up to the big field the usual’s were stood at the gate to greet me and spotty pony even went to mug me of the contents of my pockets. However Aladdin was nowhere to be seen so panic kicked in and I decided I was going to have to jog the field until I found him. Spotty pony decided to join my jog for a few seconds but gave in once realising treats were not on offer. As I got to the middle of the field, right in the far corner I could see my poo stained cow pony! He didn’t even look up at me as I marched to get him as he was too busy scoffing himself with Cracker his Bay boyfriend. Eventually he walked up to me and I we had to trek back towards the gate with Cracker in untied tow.

We got tacked up and groomed and went for an in hand walk around the car parks and big outdoor, it was fairly dark by this point so I waited until we were allowed to join the end of the previous lesson to start warming up in the small indoor.

After everything I had told Tory last Friday about him being a little tinker when he wanted to be, he actually warmed up and started to work like a saint. We agreed our lesson goals were suppleness, freewalk and working into the corners more.
Tory (Victoria Maw Dressage) was a fabulous teacher and very patient with me as I had various brain farts over dressage terminology.
For the majority of the lesson we had a nice forward trot and slowly but surely started rounding the corners as opposed to spinning his bum round and dropping his front shoulder to cut the corner.
Our first few free walks were more like a toddler riding a snake (infact a toddler could have probably ridden it better) but once it sunk in that I could still actually have contact and not drop the reins all together we were quite okay!
Overall the lesson was very beneficial and we now have lots of homework.
The lesson was an hour long and Aladdin was quite the soggy cobby by the end of it.

Note to self: Must buy a new hat that fits correctly and does not give my helipad pins and needles.

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