Just another spooky Monday- I wish it were Sunday..

First of all, why hasn’t storm Brian left yet?! He is doing my swede in.

Aladdin was out naked today so I was half expecting a bog monster waiting for me in the stable, however I was pleasantly surprised.

There wasn’t anybody about on the diy yard tonight so I tied Sir Aladdin up whilst I mucked out his stable which he had completely turned into a pigsty by flattening all his turds and spreading them.
He was rather grumpy to tack up and kept showing me his grumpy nostrils which was rather putting me off the idea of going in the big indoor for the first time ever. However we just NEEDED to go in to reduce the risk of looking like complete muppets on Wednesday as we have a lesson booked in there.

We went for a few laps of in-hand walking around the school and he didn’t seem too fussed just a tad snorty so I decided to ‘woman-up’ and get on with it.
The mounting block doesn’t seem to be an issue at all now and he stands there whilst my jelly legs prepare themselves for mounting.

And we were on and walking into the school!
I have watched my Aunt compete in this ring for as long as I can remember so quite frankly I was rather excited to be finally walking it on my own steed. We walked around the course for a good ten minutes weaving in and out of the metre course that was set up, only occasionally spooking at the end door blowing and the bin bag hanging the seating area. So we went for a trot round, he was fabulous and forward just like yesterday! He was 100% switched on and listening to my leg more than usual as I asked him to push towards the wall more and at times away from jumps with my body and legs- it felt like the first full session we’ve had where he hasn’t started an argument between his mouth and my contact and actually felt relatively soft.
We had a few short canters, (note to self- wear brave pants and sticky bum jods on Wednesdays lesson).
Towards the end of our work out as it got darker Aladdin kept noticing his reflection in the glass through to the cafe and absolutely pooping his pants but didn’t seem bothered at all by the Halloween decorations that were scattered around.

Once we had finished I was determined to get a photo of him stood behind a BS fence. However every time I moved to the other side he followed me, and I can’t really grumble at him for being loyal like that.

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