First weekend- he left me behind!

img_8981Our first proper weekend at the new yard…

When my alarm went off at half six on Saturday morning I was actually super excited to go for a morning ride, (Ryan was definitely not excited by my weekend early alarm)!

Upon arriving at the stables I could hear the handsome boy calling for me or probably calling for some form of breakfast. And that was it we saddled up and went for a short but sweet ride as the sun fully came up- it was beautiful!

Nothing major to report with Saturday’s ride other than the fact he was fairly good considering storm Brian was attempting to blow us both over.

On Sunday I got up with my early alarm to muck and turn out and decided I would come back and ride later on in the day whilst the Dressage was on to get him used to schooling with other horses around.

A couple of hours later we returned. Thanks to the strong wind not blowing in my favour Aladdin could not hear me shouting for him at the gate (or he was just being stubborn) so Ry and myself had to trek across the field to retrieve a very muddy looking cow horse.

Once we were back at the yard Ryan very kindly started grooming Sir Aladdin and in doing so earned himself a fair few boyfriend points and also had a quick lesson in hoof picking and basically what not to poke with the pick!

We decided to have our first proper ride in the small indoor- which is the first time since the show where he reared me off. I had put a teeny cross pole up as we had not done any jump or pole work at the new yard yet and due to the act I had Ryan with me to scoop me off the floor if anything went wrong I was feeling brave.

Once he had warmed up and deflated he schooled beautifully with floaty pointy toes, I think the dressage horses warming up next door were having some sort of impact on him haha!
Aladdin usually goes over small cross poles like a sleepy donkey and obviously thinks I am insulting him with how small they often are so I sat ready to just do a plod trot over it as per. However he fluffing took off and actually ‘jumped’ leaving me looking like a sack of potatoes sat at the back of the saddle and my hands not far in front! But I loved it and could not stop laughing, he felt so well!

Due to the fact he felt so well but safe today Ryan got the top job of cooling him down and had a stirupless walk around whilst I put the jump wings away.

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