Day 4 mastered the mounting block

img_8907A pretty soggy day today..

Had to nip to the tack shack after work to get a replacement head piece after yesterday’s shinadigans.

Luckily when I got Sir Aladdin in from the field he was actually fairly dry so my excuse to lunge was gone! But for once I actually wanted it to be gone and I wanted I ride which is a good start for my pre ride jelly legs.

And today…. we got on from the mounting block with no assurance or attempt to run away with me half attached!

We walked into the small outdoor with our tippy toes but soon went back into donkey walk. Tonight’s trot was the best so far, bigger in this case is better for definite! Most of the session was spent doing serpentines and circles– which still confuses my brain thinking about the diagonals.

A horse eating rabbit did appear at one point which resulted in the biggest spook I have ever known spooky bum do! He doesn’t actually like walking close to the fence on the far side of the school because of a rabbit hole- I’ve heard horses can sense hollowed ground below them?

To finish off we went for a walk in hand round the back of the car park and back to the stables.


6 thoughts on “Day 4 mastered the mounting block

  1. You’re hilarious! I loved “horse eating rabbit” and “donkey walk.” I could totally picture your ride. I am jealous of your horsey lifestyle. We need rain so badly here in California and I wish I could keep my horse in a big field. No such thing exits where I live. Have a happy next ride!


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