Day 3 – Snapped Bridle!!

Now the nights are getting darker I pay for Aladdin to be brought in on the days I work further away- so he was there making cute noises when I turned up.

There was a showjumping clinic on in the big indoor arena and people were warming up in the other indoor..

However my brave pants were on, we got straight on with it. I decided despite the fact there were a few new horses around and boxes arriving in a trickle I wouldn’t lunge. We had a quick walk in hand around the school fence just to show Aladdin what was going on as he had his spooky tippy toes out! At the mounting block he decided he did not want to be near me or the block. Luckily some proud parents watching their little girl trot round came to my aid and stood in front of my awkward steed. And we were on!
Considering there was a pony trotting round in the school next to him and a young boy running up and down the arena with the pony Aladdin still only seemed bothered by the horse eating objects at the end of the outdoor school we were in. Every time we walked down to the far end he refused to get up to the fence to keep his outline- so we really must work on getting friendly with the horse eating bags and old caravan.
His trot was actually nice and forward, the type of trot he does when theres a jump in the school and a couple of times I was convinced he was racing the pony that was in the next school!
Conclusion: Pretty darn happy but still no canter as I didn’t want to risk looking a prat in front of the proud parents.

Rather than dismounting in the school I thought we could walk back up to the stables as most other riders seem to. The spooky tippy toes were back! But we made it into the stable block before he spooked at Vivas stable light flashing in its usual rave type way.
Within two seconds of me getting off Aladdin he decided to try rub his face on his stable door, before I could move him away he had caught him bloody bridle on the rug rack and snapped the buckle away from the headpiece! Flipping muppet.

–New head piece ordered and on the way..

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