Day 2

Sir Aladdin wasn’t waiting by the gate today so I instantly assumed he was going to bugger off as soon as I approached him as he was stood with his other boyfriend Gladiator (a gorgeous native who he seems to love as he must think its like looking in a posh mirror). However much to my surprise he let me catch him to go in for a groom.

We had to wait a while to groom as Taz was outside his stable offering kisses, once Taz had gone for a longline we cracked on with grooming and tacking up.

Today we had full tack on once again but still went for a quick lunge. Aladdins calmer approach to work today meant my brave pants made an unexpected appearance and I hopped on. He was slightly confused by the mounting block as hes used to me clambering on from the ground.

After telling Taz’s mum he was likely to explode due to the fact the last time I rode him at Hill house at the novice show he thought he was a rodeo horse he rather put me to shame and trotted around like a retired donkey only napping at the gate occasionally. Still no cantering though, we may have to wait until nobody is around to have a laugh at me…

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